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Chasing The Lights

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Looking ahead to the end of the week I see a prime opportunity for catching the Northern Lights- I know that there is a huge following for avid photographers to get out and get pictures of this amazing phenomenon... I could write on and on about it but there is document out there created by local photographer, Joe McCabe that says it all.. its 2 pages but its an easy read and broken down simply for the beginner to the advanced aurora photographer.

This document covers: What is the aurora, when is the best time to see the aurora, where to go to find when they will be out (website links), how to nail the exposure, dealing with your camera in the cold, Aurora photography etiquette, and location, location, location. Check it out!

Click HERE for the Chasing the Lights PDF, or message me and I will get it to you! Happy Shooting! Brrr!

The Aurora over Auke Lake; photo credit Ron Gile

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