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Got Eggs?

Wintertime service has been greatly curtailed to the communities that makeup Southeast Alaska. Ward Air values their customers and are committed to helping out during this time when communities such as Angoon, Hoonah, Kake, Gustavus, Pelican and others are having to do without ferry service for weeks at a time. Saturday Ward Air went out to Hoonah with two loads of groceries and freight; within two hours the grocery store was cleaned out. There are now numerous communities and thousands of Alaskans that are facing bare shelves in their grocery stores. These communities are greatly affected by the loss of the ferries. Pictured is a delivery by Ward Air, on Sunday, that I tagged along on to the community of Angoon with much prized eggs and other grocery essentials and freight. Alaskans are back to relying on the small commuter businesses such as Ward Air until the ferry is back on the Alaska Marine Highway system; projected for March 6th.

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