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The Social Distance Rule

I am feeling very blessed to be where I am as the world is turned upside down by the COVID 19. I decided yesterday to try to avoid the Coronovirus 15-- weight I am imagining gaining while we follow the suggested social distance rule to try to keep from spreading or catching this virus.... so each day I am determined to get out and about into nature.... just two steps out the back door and see what spring is willing to share with us. I hope you enjoy the journey...

Day one started yesterday with a drive out the road to see what I could see.... and I was astonished with the amount of snow we still have- and the number of people that were out the road with family, friends and pets taking advantage of the wonderful yellow ball that shall be referred to from this time forward as ... THE SUN~ Stayed tuned for tomorrows adventure!

Taking our social distancing seriously... me on the far right:) ... pictures below. Photo Credit: Laura Baker

A very photogenic young seal... Fisherman's Bend at Auke Bay.

The sun has the affect on many Alaskans..

Eagle Beach never disappoints! Taken from the banks of Eagle River.

The Chilkoots were stunning... and the wind in like a lion....

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