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Your guest photographer lives in Juneau year round and has been capturing award winning photographs in Alaska for decades.  In the course of the tour we strive to offer instruction on how and when to use the camera's various modes to optimize the photograph you would like to save as a real keeper.  This would include choosing the proper ISO, how to optimize white balance and when to use aperture mode vs shutter priority.  Additionally, for the experienced photographer we can discuss the best composition considerations when framing your shots so you can come home with award winning photographs to share with family and friends! This workshop includes a two hour class in studio or via zoom, prior to your fly-out to our outdoor classroom.


Photographic opportunities are often constrained  by the weather and time of day.  Regardless, opportunities do present themselves; your guest photographer lives in Juneau year round and we are out shooting in all conditions! 


Six- hour workshop $750 per person plus 5% tax and fees. (Minimum of three people). (Includes  two hour class prior to flyout.)


To assure scheduling, it is best to arrange reservations with payment two weeks in advance of booking date so we can schedule you for the two hour class prior to travel to our hands on workshop site.  Non-scheduled tours are possible subject to availability of aircraft and guest photographer. Departures leave and arrive from Ward Air

We would be happy to personally discuss your needs and questions.  Please use the contact link on this page.  

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